How Much Is an Etsy Shop Per Month?

How Much Is an Etsy Shop Per Month

Starting an Etsy shop is an amazing opportunity for creative businesses who want to share their items with a larger audience. You may be thinking how much it costs each month to run an Etsy shop. Let’s get into the specifics so you can make plans.

Etsy charges a $0.20 selling fee for each item that stays up for four months. The site charges a 6.5% transaction fee and a payment handling fee for every sale. The $10/month Etsy Plus payment and advertising fees of up to 15% for Offsite Ads are both extra costs that you can choose not to pay for.

Listing, transaction, and additional advertising fees add up to about $250 to $300 a month for a normal shop. Sellers can control their costs and make more money by learning how Etsy’s fees work and making plans ahead of time.

How Much Does an Etsy Shop Cost?

How much it costs each month depends on how many things you list, how many sales you make, and whether you choose extra services like ads or subscription plans. You can get a good idea of how much your expected sales will cost by adding up the listing fees, transaction fees, and processing fees, as well as any extra money you want to spend on advertising. For more information on the price, see below:

Etsy listing

Listing Fees

You have to pay Etsy $0.20 for every listing you create or renew. The listings stay live for four months unless they are sold or manually renewed. As an example, if you refresh 100 ads every four months, that’s a $20 cost that you have to pay over and over ($0.20 x 100).

Transaction Fees

Every time a sale goes through, Etsy gets a 6.5% cut of the total amount, which includes shipping and gift wrapping. This amount is the same whether you’re sending within the same country or to a different country.

Etsy will take $1.95 out of the sale price ($30 x 0.065) of your item if it sells for $30 with shipping.

Payment Processing Fees

Processing fees for Etsy Payments vary on where the buyer lives. When you use Etsy Payments, the platform’s built-in payment system, there is a processing fee for each transaction. This fee is 3% of the sale price plus a set $0.25 fee per transaction in the U.S.

There is a $1.15 processing charge for a $30 sale ($30 x 0.03% + $0.25).

Etsy Plus Subscription (Optional)

For $10 a month, Etsy Plus gives you free selling credits, more ways to customize your shop, and other perks. $10 a month, but free entries and ad credits could help cover some of that cost.

Etsy Ads (Optional)

You can use Etsy’s pay-per-click method to get people to look at your ads. You decide how much you want to spend each day, and the real cost relies on how well your ads do. If you spend $2 a day on ads, you’ll spend about $60 a month on ads.

Offsite Ads (Optional)

Etsy advertises your things on other sites, such as Google Shopping. There are fees of 12 to 15% of the sale amount for sales made through these ads. If someone clicks on an ad off your site and buys a $40 item, your fee will be 15% of that price, or $6 ($40 x 0.15%).

Currency Conversion Fees

If you sell to people in other countries and your shop’s currency is different from the buyer’s, you will have to pay a 2.5% fee to convert the money.

Taxes on Fees:

It’s not always immediately obvious, but in some countries, additional taxes are applied to these fees, which can significantly increase costs. In the UK, for instance, an extra 20% is added, increasing the example fee total from £4.14 to £4.97, representing a 14.7% increase. Other countries like Australia and Canada also impose taxes on their fees.

Regulatory Fees:

These additional charges are applied by Etsy in specific countries (listed below) and vary depending on location. They’re calculated as a percentage of the item price, including postage and gift wrapping (excluding any tax).

As of June 2023, the fees have recently increased, now standing at:

  • UK: 0.32% (up from 0.25%)
  • France: 0.47% (up from 0.40%)
  • Italy: 0.32% (up from 0.25%)
  • Spain: 0.40% (unchanged)
  • Turkey: 1.10% (unchanged)

So, for a £100 sale in the UK, the fee would amount to £0.32 (£100 x 0.32%).

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Monthly Cost Estimation

Let’s estimate the monthly cost based on a hypothetical seller:

  1. Listings: 50 active items x $0.20 each = $10 every four months (~$2.50 per month)
  2. Transaction Fees: $1,500 monthly sales x 6.5% = $97.50
  3. Processing Fees: Average sale $30 x 50 transactions x (3% + $0.25) = $57.50
  4. Etsy Plus: $10 per month
  5. Etsy Ads: $3 daily budget x 30 days = $90 per month

Total estimated monthly costs: $257.50 (Note: Does not include Offsite Ads or other optional fees)

These numbers give you a general idea. The exact monthly costs of running your shop will depend on how much you sell, how you market it, and how much you charge for items. Keep an eye on these fees and change your prices so that you can cover your costs and still win in the market.


Does Etsy charge monthly subscription fees?

No, Etsy does not charge a basic fee every month. The Etsy Plus subscription service, on the other hand, costs $10 a month and gives you free ads, more ways to customize your shop and other perks.

How often do I need to renew my listings?

Listings stay active for four months unless an item sells out or is manually renewed. After that time, you’ll have to pay a renewal fee of $0.20 per item.

Are there any hidden costs I should be aware of?

Aside from the listing and transaction fees, some buyers may also have to pay to convert currencies, handle payments, and use any extra tools like Etsy Ads or Etsy Plus.

Can I avoid Etsy’s Offsite Ads fees?

People who sell less than $10,000 a year can choose not to use Offsite Ads. But sellers who make more than this amount can’t opt out and will have to pay an extra fee for advertising.

How does Etsy compare to other marketplaces?

Etsy is famous for having a niche market and a focus on old and handmade items. Even though some platforms may have lower fees, niche sellers may find Etsy’s unique customers more useful.


Learning about Etsy’s fees can help you make good budgets and get the most out of your shop. You can better handle your Etsy shop’s finances and keep making money if you know about and plan for these fees and taxes. Change your prices, ads, and posts over and over again until you find the best way to make money.

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