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At Digimark AS, we specialize in empowering small and medium-sized online businesses to achieve their market goals. We believe in the potential of the underdog, crafting innovative strategies and unique angles to help you capture your desired market share.


I own and operate an eCommerce store in a highly competitive global niche. We struggled to capture market share despite significant investments in traditional direct marketing methods. Partnering with Digimark AS was a game-changer. They quickly identified a sub-niche with lower competition and crafted innovative strategies that positioned us as the authority in that area. This approach saved us considerable time and marketing budget, yielding impressive results.

How Digimark AS began

Digimark AS was started in 2018 after we saw a great opportunity in the market for niche blogs and niche eCommerce stores. Since then, we have created, scaled, and sold over 300 websites and eCommerce stores, helping aspiring entrepreneurs get a head start on their competition.

Our Partners

We are here for the underdog

At Digimark AS, we have a strong desire to help underdogs battle their way into tough markets. Since 2018, our innovative strategies and expertise have empowered small and medium-sized businesses to thrive, giving them the competitive edge needed to succeed in challenging environments.

Our Approach To Marketing

At Digimark AS, our marketing strategies are always rooted in search engine optimization, search volume, buyer intent, and conversion optimization.

We blend slow-growth SEO techniques with fast-paced methods such as Facebook, TikTok, and influencer marketing to achieve sustainable growth. This comprehensive approach ensures our clients can effectively penetrate tough markets and achieve long-term success.

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The best way to test the quality of our service is by scheduling a time with our team. Our no-pressure conversation will help you understand our methodology and provide valuable insights on improving SEO and digital marketing. If we are a fit, expect us to get excited about possibly working together.

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