AAWP vs Lasso vs Affiliatable: The Best Affiliate Plugin for 2024

AAWP vs Lasso vs Affiliatable

Finding the best affiliate marketing plugin for your WordPress site maximises your revenue.

With options like AAWP, Lasso, and Affiliatable, each offering distinct features, you may feel puzzled and overwhelmed. This review will compare these top plugins to help you decide which suits your needs.

Whether you want seamless integration, extensive customisation, or modern design, this guide will help you choose the right tool for your affiliate marketing success.

What is AAWP?

AAWP, or Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin, is a powerful tool designed to help affiliate marketers effectively promote Amazon products on their WordPress websites. This plugin simplifies adding and managing affiliate links, making generating commissions from their recommendations easier for users.

AAWP provides various features that enhance the functionality and appearance of affiliate links, ensuring they are both user-friendly and visually appealing.

Key Features of AAWP:

  • No Theme Dependency: Works seamlessly with any WordPress theme using flexible shortcodes and templates.
  • Automated Data Updates: Automatically updates product information, such as pricing, using Amazon’s Product Advertising API.
  • Amazon Partner Networks: Supports multiple Amazon Partner Networks, including those in the USA, UK, Canada, and many more.
  • Tracking ID: Automatically generates affiliate links with your tracking ID.
  • Responsive and Mobile Friendly: Optimized for desktop and mobile device use.
  • Prepared Templates: Offers a variety of pre-designed templates, including horizontal and vertical boxes, lists, and tables.
  • Product Boxes: Creates visually appealing product boxes to promote specific items.
  • Data Fields: This feature displays individual product information, such as price or buy buttons, in your posts or pages.

What is Lasso?

Lasso is an advanced affiliate marketing plugin designed for WordPress users. It focuses on optimising and managing affiliate links to increase revenue.

Lasso streamlines adding, organising, and tracking affiliate links, making it an essential tool for bloggers and website owners who want to maximise their affiliate marketing efforts. The plugin provides a user-friendly interface and various features to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of affiliate campaigns.

Key Features of Lasso:

  • Product Displays: Create attractive product displays to showcase affiliate products effectively.
  • Dashboard: Access a centralised dashboard for easy management and monitoring of all your affiliate links.
  • Integrate with Amazon: Seamlessly integrates with Amazon, allowing you to manage Amazon affiliate links efficiently.
  • Link Cloaking: Cloak affiliate links to make them look cleaner and more professional.
  • Organise your Links: Categorize and organise your affiliate links for better management and retrieval.
  • Click Tracking: Monitor and track the clicks on your affiliate links to assess performance and optimise strategies.
  • Import your Links: Import existing affiliate links into Lasso effortlessly.

What is Affiliatable?

Affiliatable is a versatile affiliate marketing tool designed to help marketers and content creators monetize their websites more effectively.

This plugin simplifies creating and managing affiliate links and product displays, providing an array of features that enhance the appearance and functionality of affiliate content.

Affiliatable is especially beneficial for those looking to integrate seamlessly with Amazon and other affiliate programs, making generating revenue from their websites easier.

Key Features of Affiliatable:

  • Geotargeting Feature: Directs visitors to the appropriate Amazon store based on location.
  • WordPress Plugin: Easily integrates with WordPress for streamlined affiliate marketing management.
  • Replace Tracking ID: Allows for quick and easy replacement of tracking IDs in affiliate links.
  • Premium Templates: Offers a selection of high-quality templates for displaying affiliate products.
  • Schema Optimized: Product displays are optimised for search engines using schema markup.
  • Amazon API Integration: Integrates with the Amazon API to automate data updates and link management.
  • Custom Categories: Enables the creation of custom categories for better organisation of affiliate products.

My AAWP Plugin Experience

Creating product table using AAWP Plugin

I’ve been using the AAWP plugin since 2018, which has consistently proven to be the perfect fit for my affiliate marketing needs. The plugin offers a range of features that make it easy to create attractive product displays and manage affiliate links efficiently.

The setup was straightforward, and AAWP integrated seamlessly with my WordPress site. The automated data updates are a lifesaver, ensuring that my product information is always up-to-date without requiring constant manual input.

The variety of templates and customisation options allow me to tailor the product displays to complement my site’s aesthetic perfectly.

Overall, AAWP has served me exceptionally well over the years. Its reliability, ease of use, and powerful features make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their affiliate marketing efforts. If you’re seeking a robust and user-friendly affiliate plugin, AAWP is worth considering.

My Affiliatable Plugin Experience

creating products table with features using Affiliatable Plugin

I decided to try Affiliatable as an alternative to AAWP, and I was initially impressed by its sleek design. The product displays, especially the 3-product boxes, look much better than those from AAWP. This visual appeal was a big selling point for me, making my site look more professional.

However, I found some aspects of the plugin less appealing. While the list-style tables were nice, they didn’t add much value since I could achieve a similar look with custom CSS and HTML. 

The cloud-based setup frustrated me. Creating tables and product boxes on the Affiliatable website and then syncing them with my WordPress site felt cumbersome. I often forgot to sync, leading to wasted time and confusion.

Another issue was the reliance on their cloud service. Any downtime or issues with their CDN affected my site’s performance, which was concerning.

Despite these drawbacks, Affiliatable offers a free trial, a good opportunity to test it before committing. Just be prepared for the potential hassles of syncing and data recreation.

My Experience Using Lasso

creating product comparison table using lasso plugin

When I first installed Lasso, I was impressed by its ability to locate all the links on my site and provide an easy way to import them into the plugin. This was a huge relief after manually rebuilding AAWP shortcodes.

However, Lasso couldn’t convert all of my AAWP content. While it handled product boxes well, it fell short in other areas. Rebuilding the remaining elements took a full afternoon, which, though manageable, was still more work than I anticipated.

Visually, Lasso looks good—comparable to Affiliatable but slightly better. The ease of adding affiliate links beyond Amazon is a nice touch. The custom CSS option is also a plus for those needing tweaks.

The extra features, like one-click event tracking in Google Analytics and the dashboard for broken links, are beneficial. Despite these perks, I still find AAWP more reliable and comprehensive.

Lasso is worth considering for a straightforward, user-friendly solution, but AAWP remains my top choice.

AAWP vs Lasso vs Affiliatable- Pros and Cons of Each Plugin

Pros and Cons of AAWP

Affordable compared to competitorsThe tables and product boxes look a bit dated
Well-designed, attractive displaysNo product search within the dashboard
Easy to add custom stylingThe dashboard can be confusing
Significantly increases CTR
Effective geo-targeting for foreign visitors
Automated data updates
Responsive and mobile-friendly

Pros and Cons of Lasso

Created by experts in affiliate marketingIt needs more refinement around discovering new opportunities
Exceptionally clean and appealing product boxesIt can be expensive, especially for multiple sites
Automatically pulls in links from Amazon and other networks
High level of customizability
Feature for discovering new affiliate opportunities

Pros and Cons of Affiliatable

Elegant and modern designsCustomisation options can be overwhelming for beginners
Wide variety of high-converting designsIt may lack advanced analytics compared to other plugins
Simple and user-friendly interfaceNo free plan is available
Excellent attribution and analytics
Lots of customisation options
Can boost revenue and attract more visitors

AAWP vs Lasso vs Affiliatable- Which One Is More Expensive?

Knowing each platform’s pricing structure will help you budget. Here are the pricing details of AAWP, Lasso, and Affiliatable.

Pricing Structure of AAWP

Plan NamePrice (Per Year)Number of SitesFeatures Included
Personal$491All core features includedNo Multisite usage1 year of updates*1 year of support*
Plus$1293All core features includedUse in multisite1 year of updates*1 year of support*
Pro$24910All core features includedUse in multisite1 year of updates*1 year of support*
Ultimate$39925All core features includedUse in multisite1 year of updates*1 year of support*

Pricing Structure of Lasso

Plan NamePrice (Per Month)Billed AnnuallyNumber of WebsitesKey Features
Essential$24$2891 WebsiteUp to $2k/month in revenue Up to 100k monthly page views
High-converting displays and tables
Advanced$63$756Up to 3 WebsitesUp to $10k/month in revenue Up to 1M monthly page views Page and link-level revenue analytics
PortfolioCustom PlanCustom PricingUnlimited WebsitesUnlimited revenue Unlimited page views
Automatic link detection API access to revenue data

Pricing Structure of Affiliatable

BasicFree forever100 Tables & Boxes, Free Templates, No WP Auto Sync, Amazon Geotargeting, API Integration, or Schema Optimization
Pro – Standard$9/month1 website, Unlimited Tables & Boxes, Premium Templates, WP Auto Sync, Custom Categories, Geniuslink API Integration, Amazon Geotargeting, and more.
Pro – Plus$39/month5 websites, Unlimited Tables & Boxes, Premium Templates, Custom Categories, Amazon API Integration, Schema Optimized, and more.
Pro – Ultimate$69/month10 websites, Unlimited Tables & Boxes, Premium Templates, Amazon API Integration, WP Auto Sync, Geniuslink API Integration, Custom Categories, and more.

AAWP vs Lasso vs Affiliatable- Who’s The Winner?

After thoroughly comparing AAWP, Lasso, and Affiliatable, it’s clear that AAWP stands out as the winner.

AAWP outperforms in providing comprehensive features that make managing and displaying affiliate links seamless and efficient.

Its affordability, coupled with a wide range of functionalities like automated data updates, geo-targeting, and multiple Amazon Partner Network support, makes it a highly reliable choice for affiliate marketers.

While Lasso and Affiliatable offer attractive designs and some unique features, AAWP’s ease of use and robust performance set it apart. The plugin’s ability to significantly increase click-through rates and its flexible customisation options ensure it meets the diverse needs of affiliate marketers.

The straightforward integration with WordPress and reliable customer support further enhance its appeal.


Which Plugin Is the Most Cost-effective?

AAWP is the most affordable option, with plans starting at $49 per year. Lasso and Affiliatable are more expensive, especially for users managing multiple sites.

Is Lasso Only for WordPress?

Lasso is designed specifically for WordPress. It integrates smoothly with WordPress sites and offers features tailored for this platform. If you are not using WordPress, Lasso is not suitable. Its functionalities and benefits are built around WordPress’s structure.

Last Thoughts

We hope our AAWP vs Lasso vs Affiliatable review cleared your confusion regarding which plugin to choose.

AAWP excels in affordability, ease of use, and robust features, making it the best choice overall. Lasso offers great customisation and supports multiple networks, while Affiliatable shines with its design and user-friendliness. AAWP is ideal for a reliable, cost-effective solution.

Consider your needs and try each plugin to see which best suits your site. Testing will help you make the best decision.

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