AAWP Review 2024: Features, Benefits, and Real User Feedback

AAWP Review

AAWP is a blessing to people who struggle to boost their Amazon affiliate earnings despite endless efforts.

If you’re in the same situation where your current tools aren’t driving the desired results, it’s time to explore a solution that works. Enter AAWP, the Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin designed to supercharge your affiliate marketing strategy.

In this review, we’ll explore how AAWP can help you create engaging product displays, increase click-through rates, and ultimately maximise your affiliate revenue.

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What Is AAWP?

AAWP plugin product comparing table

AAWP, short for Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin, is a powerful tool designed to help affiliates boost their click-through rates and conversions on Amazon.

With this plugin, you can effortlessly create product boxes and tables, which are crucial for appealingly and effectively presenting Amazon products.

AAWP directly connects your Amazon Associates account through the Product Advertising API. This direct link ensures the plugin can fetch and display up-to-date product information, prices, and images directly from Amazon, providing you with the most accurate and reliable data for your affiliate marketing efforts.

This integration enables the plugin to fetch and display up-to-date product information, prices, and images directly from Amazon. However, your account must meet Amazon’s criteria for generating certain monthly sales to use the API.

This policy ensures that only active affiliates who drive significant revenue can access these advanced features.

AAWP excels at providing comparison tables, clear call-to-action buttons, and standout product boxes, which can significantly enhance your content’s design and functionality.

These advanced features are designed to drive higher conversions and increased revenue, making the AAWP plugin a powerful tool for Amazon affiliates and website owners.

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Key Features of AAWP

AAWP comes packed with powerful features designed to optimise your affiliate marketing efforts. Here are some features of AAWP.

Product Boxes

AAWP provides attractive and conversion-focused product boxes, simplifying the promotion of specific items.

These boxes display product information in a clean, attractive format, which can significantly enhance user engagement and increase click-through rates. By using AAWP’s customisable product boxes, affiliates can highlight key product features and benefits, making it easier for potential buyers to make informed purchasing decisions.

Bestseller (Lists)

With AAWP, you can create automated bestseller lists that showcase the top-performing products in your niche.

These lists can be customised to display a specific number of products, such as the top 3, top 10, or more. This feature helps draw attention to popular items, potentially boosting sales and affiliate commissions by leveraging the popularity and social proof of best-selling products.

Comparison Tables

AAWP allows you to create comparison tables to compare multiple products side-by-side.

This feature is particularly useful for helping readers make informed decisions by directly comparing features, prices, and other key attributes. The handy table builder makes it easy to set up and customise these tables, enhancing the overall user experience and driving higher conversion rates.

Click Tracking

AAWP includes click-tracking functionality, enabling you to identify which products are most clicked.

This feature can also track individual elements within a product box. By analysing this data, affiliates can gain valuable insights into user behaviour and optimise their content to focus on the most popular and high-performing products, ultimately increasing conversions and revenue.


Geotargeting in AAWP ensures that visitors are automatically directed to their local Amazon store, increasing the likelihood of conversions. This feature helps affiliates capture referrals that might be lost due to geographical differences.

Geotargeting can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your affiliate marketing efforts by providing a seamless user experience tailored to the visitor’s location.

Prepared Templates

AAWP includes a range of expertly designed templates, such as vertical and horizontal boxes, tables, and lists.

These templates save time and effort by providing ready-made, professionally designed layouts that can be easily customised to match your website’s look and feel. They ensure a consistent and polished appearance across all your affiliate content.

Developer Friendly

AAWP supports developers by offering special functions, WordPress hooks, and PHP templating.

These features make it easy for developers to integrate and customise the plugin to meet specific needs.

Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a novice, AAWP provides the tools and flexibility needed to create a seamless and effective affiliate marketing strategy.

No Theme Dependency

Due to AAWP’s adaptable shortcodes and templates, the plugin can be seamlessly integrated with any WordPress theme, ensuring no compatibility problems.

This independence ensures that you can maintain your site’s look and feel while leveraging the powerful features of AAWP. It provides a hassle-free experience, allowing you to focus on creating high-quality content and driving conversions.

Amazon Partner Networks

AAWP supports multiple Amazon Partner Networks in Brazil, Germany, Mexico, France, Canada, the USA, the UK, China, Italy, the Netherlands, India, Japan, Spain, and many more.

This extensive network support allows affiliates to reach a global audience and optimise their content for various markets, maximising their earning potential across different regions.

While AAWP is a powerful tool for affiliate marketers, it’s always good to explore other options to ensure you’re using the best tool for your needs. If you’re interested in seeing how AAWP compares to other similar plugins, check out our detailed guide on AAWP Alternatives. This guide covers a range of tools that might better suit your specific requirements.

AAWP Pricing Structure

AAWP pricing plan

AAWP offers a range of pricing plans designed to suit different needs and budgets, providing flexibility and value for Amazon affiliates at various levels. Here’s a breakdown of the available plans and their features.

Personal$49/yearAll core features included1 siteNo multisite usageOne year of support
Plus$129/yearAll core features included3 sitesUse in multi-sitesAfter one year of updatesOne year of support
Pro$249/yearAll core features included10 sitesUse in multi-sitesOne year of updatesOne year of support
Ultimate$399/yearAll core features included25 sitesUse in multi-sitesOne year of updatesOne year of support

Additional Information:

  • The listed prices are for annual subscriptions. There is also a lifetime option available.
  • All plans include core features such as product boxes, bestseller lists, comparison tables, geotargeting, and more.
  • Premium features and additional charges are not explicitly mentioned, but all plans provide essential updates and support for the duration specified.

AAWP Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of AAWP. This section will help you understand its strengths and potential drawbacks, allowing you to decide to integrate this plugin into your affiliate marketing strategy.


  • Affordability: AAWP is more affordable than its best competitors, making it a cost-effective option for many users.
  • Product Boxes and Tables: The tables and product boxes are visually appealing and can significantly enhance click-through rates (CTR).
  • Custom Styling: Custom styling is relatively easy to add, allowing for a more personalised appearance that matches your website’s theme.
  • Increased CTR: The plugin has been proven to increase CTR significantly, leading to better affiliate performance.
  • Flexible Shortcodes: AAWP offers flexible shortcodes that can be easily implemented, providing versatility in displaying Amazon products.
  • Geo-targeting: The plugin allows you to geo-target your visitors, directing them to their local Amazon store based on location.
  • Ad Placement: You can place ads wherever you want on your website, offering greater control over your site’s monetisation.
  • Support Documentation: Substantial support documentation is available to help users navigate and utilise the plugin effectively.
  • Updated Listings: Product listings are updated automatically, ensuring the information displayed is current and accurate.


  • Dated Appearance: While the tables and product boxes look decent, they can appear a bit dated compared to other tools like Lasso
  • No In-Dashboard Search: Users cannot search for Amazon products within the dashboard, requiring them to open Amazon separately.
  • Amazon-Only: The plugin is designed exclusively for Amazon and does not support other affiliate programs.
  • Cost for Single Site Users: It can be expensive for first-time users and those with only one website.

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Does AAWP Support Google Accelerated Mobile Pages?

Yes, AAWP supports Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). The plugin ensures your Amazon affiliate links work seamlessly on AMP pages, helping improve page load times on mobile devices. Faster loading times can enhance user experience and boost engagement.

Can the Plugin Be Used with Any Theme?

Yes, AAWP can be used with any WordPress theme. It offers flexible shortcodes and templates that integrate smoothly with various themes. You don’t need to change your site’s design to use AAWP. The plugin adapts to your existing theme, ensuring consistency and a seamless user experience.

Last Words

We’re done discussing everything about AAWP, a powerful Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin that boosts click-through rates and conversions. Hopefully, this AAWP review answered all of your questions.

It offers flexible features like product boxes, bestseller lists, and comparison tables and supports geo-targeting and AMP. Though it has a few drawbacks, like a dated appearance and no in-dashboard product search, its benefits outweigh the cons.

To maximise its use, familiarise yourself with its features, keep your content updated, and utilise custom styling for better engagement.

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